I’ve been coming home to myself

I’ve always been fascinated by the human condition. For as long as I can remember, I’ve taken on the role of an observer, watching and wondering about people’s motivations and stories.

This sense of curiosity moves me to deeply understand human needs and desires. It has shaped my professional work experience as brand strategist working to help brands create relationships with consumers, and as a cultural researcher and trends & insights expert focused on decoding human behavior and cultural experiences. And it led me to turn inward and journey into myself. It inspired me to become an active participant in my own healing and unfolding.

This sense of curiosity fuels me as I continue to explore what it means to be fully human.

I am a Connection Guide certified in yoga, meditation, Reiki and breathwork.

I hold safe space for change through a process of self-healing based on connection to the breath and body, movement of stuck energy and emotions, and opening of the heart. I am also a Consultant specializing in consumer research, trend forecasting, strategy, branding, storytelling and cultural intelligence. I help organizations create authentic and compelling connections with consumers, and more inclusive, creative and empathic environments and communities.

I built a strong connection with the healing arts through my own healing journey and spiritual expansion.

It began with a yoga college elective course in 1996 that helped me navigate the choices that come with adulthood. I turned to yoga as I prepared for the birth of my son and my transition into motherhood. In 2012 I founded Little Om Yoga, a mobile yoga and mindfulness studio for kids and families. I immersed myself in spiritual study to heal my wounds and understand myself on a deeper level. And I’ve explored many facets of energy work, trauma-informed healing and therapeutic touch along the way. The teachings and practices I’ve studied brought me back to my inner most Self and taught me to live in the flow of grace. I’ve experienced an unfolding and deep sense of surrender and trust in the flow of life. I’ve cultivated more consciousness, compassion and self-love. And I’ve learned to relate to my emotions, thoughts and experiences in new ways. These practices have become my pathway to finding inner peace, deep connection and easeful living.

Credentials and Trainings

Children's Yoga Teacher Training, Karma Kids Yoga, September 2012
First and Second Degree Reiki, Jodi Holmes, July 2016
Meditation Teacher Training, Devotion Yoga, Liza Bertini, August 2016
Yoga Teacher Training, World Yoga Center, Rudrani Farbman and Jackie Prete, January 2017
Thyroid Yoga Teacher Training, Fern Olivia, June 2017
Second Degree Reiki, Stella Fay, Brooklyn, November 2018
Breathwork Healer Training, Erin Telford & David Elliot, August 2018
Meditation Teacher Training, World Yoga Center, Rudrani Farbman, October 2018
Intro to Thai Yoga Therapy, Sarah Seely, January 2019
Trauma Informed Healing, Sarah Seely, January 2019