You are the space in which your inner life unfolds. Meditation helps you tune into your higher self and come into the present moment. This practice grounds you and invites you to come back to your Self, again and again. 


Where awareness goes energy flows. Reiki brings you back to your natural state of peace and well-being, while accelerating the body's ability to heal itself. This treatment is extremely nourishing and will promote a state of deep relaxation. 


The breath connects you to the wisdom within your body. Breathwork takes you to a place where deeper feelings and wounds need to be healed. This self-healing practice breaks up old blocks, helps you gain clarity and increases self-love. 

My classes, workshops and sessions are designed to guide clients as they peel back layers of limiting beliefs, release and heal trauma, find stillness and access their inner wisdom. My work supports the whole person on their journey to living more intentional and integrated lives.

Healing Sessions

Breathwork is a powerful breathing technique and active meditation that helps you discover your own inner wisdom for healing and encourages the emotional release and healing of deep wounds. Breathwork is a dynamic practice done while lying down involving a guided meditation with an active 2-part Pranayama breath that helps move and clear stuck energy and emotions. By bringing the breath intentionally into the belly and heart, you bypass the mind and go straight to a place where deeper feelings and wounds need to be healed.

Choose this if you’re ready to journey into forgotten pieces of yourself in order to heal old pain, gain clarity and open your heart to increased self-love.

Reiki is a natural and simple healing method used to purify the energetic body, calm the nervous system, balance energy centers and activate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. During a Reiki healing session you will be lying down comfortably, eyes closed and fully clothed. A gentle, light-touch healing technique is used to bring healing energy to different parts of the body. Positive energy flows, cleansing the mind, body and spirit of built up toxins, emotions and pain, and aiding in the healing of all kinds of pains and symptoms.

Choose this if you’re looking for a gentle treatment involving the channeling of energy that is extremely nourishing, peaceful and deeply relaxing.

Private Sessions

Individual sessions are a great way to establish or deepen your practice. I'll guide and support you as you explore yourself through movement, breath and meditation. Sessions are designed to fit your individual needs and invite you more fully into your own practice and routine.

Workplace sessions can transform your company culture by helping create a more balanced, creative and productive work environment. Group movement and meditation classes are designed to create a shift towards mindfulness at work, increase clarity and creativity, and create a more emotionally connected, inclusive and empathetic workplace. 

Kids & Families

Children are born full of wonder, curiosity and vitality. Yoga keeps them connected to their true essence. Sessions are designed to allow kids to explore and discover the body, mind and heart through storytelling, imaginative play, creative writing, music and art. Kids learn yoga postures, balancing and stretching exercises, and breathing and visualization techniques that help build a solid foundation for life. I support their self-discovery by giving them the framework and vocabulary to discover and express themselves. Classes are structured according to age and feature engaging yoga and meditation activities that help build confidence, concentration, self-esteem, self-awareness and empathy.

Families can deepen their experiences, relationships and connection through practice and presence. By slowing down and cultivating awareness, we can truly nurture the soul of our families. Sessions are designed to connect families through yoga, meditation, rituals, movement and art. Through private sessions, communal gatherings and workshops, we’ll explore family values, intentions, mantras and rhythms the help us nurture the mind, body and spirit of our children, and make our homes a more connected space.

  • Birthday parties, school events, after-school programs or in-class sessions.

  • Private family sessions or group gatherings.

  • Workshops for educators designed to help teachers incorporate yoga and mindfulness techniques into classroom experiences.

  • Design services focused on mindfulness and meditation spaces that promote relaxation, creativity and connectivity.