I trust, I believe, I am and it will be. 
Those words came to me a few years ago while meditating on a mountaintop in magical Ojai. They have been my guiding principles ever since.

My Guiding Principles

I trust what is and surrender to the unfolding. 

I believe in the power of rituals and stories as a means to connect with ourselves and others.

I am deeply passionate about helping women cultivate more consciousness and compassion as they navigate their lives as women and mothers, and connect more deeply with their children. 

I am committed to creating inclusive conversations and experiences that foster radical awareness and change, and inspire and empower the healing and wellbeing of diverse communities. 

I hope to be a clear channel for healing and connection for others. 

I hold safe space for women and children through a process of self-healing based on connection to the breath and body, movement of stuck energy and emotions, and opening of the heart.

Through yoga, mindfulness and energy healing, I empower kids to be creative, compassionate and courageous, and experience the freedom that comes from realizing their true nature.